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Rebecca Lovell
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tel: 0173 699 3523 (English and German spoken).
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Based in Tübingen, Germany, www.delyricallyhappy.com is a native English speaking songwriting company who write lyrics to your original songs, translate your lyrics into meaningful, authentic English, or collaborate with you on music projects of all types and genres.

Our lyrics sing.with and without the music. They will send you on a journey.but they will stay in your head. Our lyrics are modern.classics. And our lyrics are both poetic and commercial.naturally.

Send us a CD or an mp3 file to transform your music into Europe´s most marketable language. And don´t forget that great songs are never just written.they are re-written! We will work with you until you are (delyrically!) happy that we have a great song that says what you want it to.in English.


We help singers, musicians, composers and producers sound like native English speakers by:
writing English lyrics to your original instrumentals, or by
translating the feel and meaning of your original lyrics into authentic English, or by
completing and/or correcting English lyrics while maintaining prosody, rhythm, feel, and other musical and artistic considerations.


We help music publishing companies and record labels sound like native English speakers by:
checking your English texts and lyrics prior to recording or printing
proof-reading and correcting album or song lyrics, texts, websites, album jackets, advertising, presentations or other music-business projects.

We help parents, kindergartens, music schools and language learning groups provide unforgettable, highest quality English language children´s music by:
collaborating with the best composers in Germany to produce quality English children´s lyrics that are modern, meaningful and fun, and by
immersing children in the language as it is spoken by native English speakers.

We offer fast service and fair pricing. Please contact us for more information.